Gianfranco Dal Bianco / Biografía

Quality with an Italian accent
The son of a photographer, the Vicentino Gianfranco Dal Bianco moved early to Brazil where he came to set his own studio and work for some of the most prestigious magazines and advertising agencies, shooting fashion, table top, still life, interior design and food, to finally specialise in cars – from studio to set location to Formula 1.

Global before Globalisation
In 1980 Gianfranco left Brasil to work in Europe – he started in London, then went to the Fiat Stu­dios in Turin, shooting Lancias, Ferraris, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos, besides Fiats. Gianfranco was then invited to join Boulevard Photographic, the legendary car studio from Detroit. After a few years there and in Los Angeles he moved to Mexico where he lived for a decade and established a large studio both for him and for rental.

An eclectic portfolio
Gianfranco has worked for most of the major brands in the automotive industry : Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall and Piaggio in Europe ; Ford, Chrysler, GM, Peugeot and Mitsubishi in America ; Nissan, Renault, VW, General Motors, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Mazda, Toyota, Mercedes and Chrysler in Mexico. Today his portfolio is quite eclectic and besides cars –which include web images production such as 360º visualization and Quick Time Virtual Reality– there’s a lot of peo­ple, food, things and places.

A Personal Touch
“A great deal of energy and sensitivity accompany me from the creation of sets and definition of styling to every production detail. Art directors are looking for professionals capable of extracting the maximum from their techniques and creativity while keeping focus on a competitive price,” he says. Gianfranco has returned to Europe, more precisely to London, UK.


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